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I try to emphasize that this is a VOLUNTEER activity for me, and that the digital images I post here can be downloaded for FREE.  Five days a week, every  week, I practice real estate and estate planning law in Norwich, Vermont.  I make my living that way.  After work, as a volunteer, I go out and take over 100,000 pictures per year, mostly of students doing  interesting, educational things, or of people participating in events to support schools, hospitals, or other non-profit organizations. I don't charge anything for these pictures. You can download the digital images for FREE, if you want. You can have SmugMug print them for you, but I don't receive anything from SmugMug if you print this way. I don't receive compensation in any way, shape, or form, directly or indirectly for this photographic activity. Write me if you feel like it: Dan Grossman,

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